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Well this is a easy tutorial on how to check which region your Xbox LIVE account is setup with.

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Enter the email address and password for your Microsoft account, and then click Sign In.

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Is there anyone else in this predicament that has worked out a solution.This tutorial details how to change country or region in Windows 10. July 3, 2017 Check Network Usage Data of Each Application in Windows 10. July 3,.

Anyways, as most Xbox users know, games are coded by region. How to Make Your Xbox 360 Games Region Free. You can check out this extensive guide,.Share your feature requests and ideas for improving Xbox products and services.How can I know if a game from an NTSC region can be run on a PAL.Be sure to spend the money in your Microsoft account before you change your account location.

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If you have a current Groove Music Pass, it will be canceled as part of the move.How To Change Your Xbox Account Region Seifo2. Loading. Unsubscribe from Seifo2.Add a credit card and enter the billing address for your new region.How to change region code of Blu-ray player software while playing back Blu-ray discs. Region A, Region B and Region C.

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How to Change the Region Code for Xbox 360 Games. you could change the region you use.Switch (JeffConser): SW-3353-5433-5137 Wii U: Skeldare - 3DS: 1848-1663-9345.

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Make Xbox One Play Blu-ray in Region A, Region B and Region C.

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The Xbox family of consoles are at their best when connected to the Xbox Live network.Your gamertag, unlocked achievements, and the rest of your Xbox profile information moves with you.If you have moved to a different country and want to make Xbox purchases in your new location, you will need to change your region.

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