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She once infamously remarked that she could not understand how Nixon had won the election since she did not know a single person who had voted for him.

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This a contemporary grindhouse film that far more than Machete, Death Proof or Planet Terror manages to capture the feel.Top 25 Horror Movies of All Time. The Best and Cheapest Fidget.

These are the films from this millennium that have most shocked us by plumbing our deepest primordial terrors.I highly suggest that the Slant writers and any devout horror fans track this one down.

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A Serbian movie, Butterfly (also Serbian), TT syndrome (Serbian), Life and death of porno maffia (Serbian) and Even horizon.The Top 10 Greatest Zombie Films Of All Time. take a bit of an undead cinematic stock with a list of some of the best zombie films of all time.The hatchet-sweater brigade in Nightmare City were scarier than these From Dusk Till Dawn snotglobbers.But I personally can really relate to someone who wants to be a completely different person as a way to distance themselves from a real life trauma.Some great ones in the top ten, but unfortunately more disappointing ones.Zagat says these local restaurateurs are among the best under 30 in.It will make your most frightening nightmares look like lollipop world.

To be honest I have never quite got the love for Halloween, even on multiple viewings.

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I feel it in my bones, this thing is headed for some kind of Sleepaway Camp -like redemption.

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Anyone calling her, pretending to be a stranger, could have known who she was.But, I happen to think there are more than enough great horror films for a Top 100.And, Rob, no. Just no. We know why David Lynch made this list so many times.

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I do not think many people understand IMPRINT, and this partially explains its poor reception and critical acclaim.Overall this is one of the most impressive asian films I have seen and was immediately one of my favourites.And the movie, which wrote her that way, takes her to task for it in the most spineless way possible.I have no doubt that all the contributers here have the same obsession.A more interesting question: Why do we flock to films that revel in what is, in all likelihood, our greatest fear.

Top 10 Horror Movies of all time (Best Scripts) Here are our picks for best horror movie scripts (shooting).Does that mean there are no films from Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America chosen.

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Please edit your future entries properly to maintain the integrity of the content of this website.Halloween, re-animator and dawn of the dead are way too low on the list.

That list sucks as it leaves out plenty of great horror movies.

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