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Some users who can print to local printers while connected to a VPN may experience difficulty printing to devices on the remote network.

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So while you can ping and open its internal web page, both of which using standard IP ports and protocols, the printer driver may be wanting to connect on a port that is not available or use a protocol that is not compatible with VPN connections.How Network Printing Works. Print servers enable multiple clients to share one or more print devices.The Admin log is enabled by default, but the Operational log is not.It also describes the procedures for testing and analyzing the information that.After configuring the AppVerifier, you might be required to restart the computer for the settings to take effect.

Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators.AppVerifier writes information to the debugger console after it detects an error but before it stops the program in the debugger.This section describes the test and troubleshooting tools that can test the Windows print system that are available from Microsoft to system administrators and IT support staff.The enhanced point and print driver is used on the print queue.The following are the general steps to test and troubleshoot the print subsystem.Remote Printing using TeamViewer. It makes no difference which of the two machines is the client and which one the server.This log file contains the minimum information that you need to collect for a Microsoft Product Support engineer to analyze the problem.After you have found and corrected the problem, repeat the tests to make sure that those problems were not masking another problem.

AppVerifier is a run-time verification and test tool that monitors programs for compatibility, stability, and security issues.WinDbg could be used to debug the print subsystem, but the NTSD commands that are described in this document might not work the same way in WinDbg.

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The Print Management Console will show that BODP is enabled on a queue when accessing the properties of a Printer.

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I can ping it as well as open its Web front end (via Safari).I also have a (working) PPTP VPN set up to connect to that home network while on the road.

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if.At this point, you can send this information to Microsoft Product Support engineers or analyze the information and continue troubleshooting.Verifier tests both the print APIs that an application uses and the resources that printer drivers use.In Windows Explorer, run DisablePrintVer.reg to remove the values from the registry and return the spooler to normal operation.Client computer connects via RDP, uses the programs and prints jobs.

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A later section of this document describes how to view the log.Each tool will be discussed in greater detail along with configuration steps for each specific troubleshooting scenario.Until then, perhaps the solution lies in attaching it via USB to a print server.KD is a character-based console program that enables in-depth analysis of kernel-mode activity on all NT-based operating systems.In many cases you will need to gather logs from both the Server and the Client.Create the VPN between the 2 locations (either lan-to-lan via the 2 routers, our a client VPN from the remote PC to the main office).By enabling the Print tests in AppVerifier, you can test how applications call the print APIs and detect problems in applications and printer drivers.

By default (if the value is missing from the registry key or the registry key is missing), breaking.Check the following conditions to make sure that you are investigating.Branch Office Direct Printing can only be enabled by an administrator and it must be configured on the Server print queue.The Print Verifier tests many different aspects of the components in the print subsystem such as how those components are used by the spooler and applications and how they use system resources.

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The following text is a registry script that can be saved as a text file and used to configure the spooler for debugging in Windows 7.

Before debugging the program, you must first determine whether AppVerifier or another program caused the program to stop in the debugger.Make sure that, at a minimum, the Heaps test is enabled under the.Print the documents that cause the error or test the component or configuration.Photo print or slide presentation: Medium: Web page image: Low: E-mail attachment.Debugging Tools for Windows includes several source-level debuggers: Console Debugger (CDB), Microsoft NT Symbolic Debugger (NTSD), Windows Debugger (WinDbg), and Kernel Debugger (KD).Adaptio turns your Windows-based machine into a scalable IPDS print server. Printers can be attached locally or remotely via a WAN or VPN.

This service provides status information about the printer and if it cannot communicate with the printer then it will stop printing The UFR2 driver redirects the packet transport away from CUPS and uses its own called cntdbmu.The PrintService Event Log channel includes both an Admin and an Operational log.A value of 1 indicates enabled and if the value does not exist or is set to 0 then BODP is disabled.Enable logging and event channels for the Print Spooler and any other feature specific logs or event channels.If no AppVerifier information appears in the debugger, there is still.

Scroll through the list to find information about the spooler.XPSDrv printer drivers, include printfilterpipelinesvc.exe in the Applications.