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They is no compatibility mode: windows 10, so how did you surpass this.

Bug fixing: VPN tunnel re-connection fails with some gateways because INITIAL-CONTACT was not sent.Improvement: Various improvements in the subscription mode management (VPN Premium only).

Patent US7665132 - Remote access VPN mediation method and

Bug fixing: Import or export VPN Configuration to or from a mapped drive fails.

Feature: A notification let users know GINA mode will not work for tunnels defined on an USB key (USB mode).Feature: Add a verification of the gateway certificate subject (SSL).Bug fixing: No access to a NAS shared folders depending on the NAS device.TheGreenBow VPN Client enables employees to work from home or on the road, and IT managers to connect in remote.Bug fixing: A second VPN Client popup show up when coming back from sleep prior to Windows login if Gina mode (i.e. opening VPN tunnel before Windows logon) has been configured.Known issue: Exporting a VPN configuration to a mapped drive is not possible.

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4.5 Connect to VPN Server - SoftEther VPN Project

Bug fixing: VPN tunnel fails to open when using a Certificate with a subjectAltName containing several Relative Distinguished Names (RDN).Bugfix: Wrong PIN code error occurs during Phase1 renewal in some case.Improvement: IKE tunnel closes more quickly on network disconnection.Bugfix: The Configuration Panel and the Connection Panel might appear simultaneously.When possible, the VPN Client will adapt automatically to the settings of the VPN gateway.

Improvement: Systray icon is available after an explorer.exe restart.IKEv2 introduces a new user authencation mechanism, similar to X-Auth.Hi, I have just done a clean install of win 8.1 PRO, then upgrade to windows 10 pro.Feature: New Gemalto.Net Two-Factor Authentication Smart Cards certified.

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Bug fixing: BSOD when Windows is coming back from sleep mode (Windows XP only).

Bug fixing: MTU modification might not be taken in account (Windows XP 32-bit only).Download here the latest VPN Client release available for older Windows OS.Bugfix: A SA was closed too early when the lifetime is set in Kbytes from the Gateway.Improvement: Compliance release number of one of our partners.With over 1.5 Million of users, TheGreenBow VPN Client is the most robust VPN client.TheGreenBow VPN Client can read Certificates from SmartCards to make full use of existing corporate ID card or employee cards that may carry Digital credentials.

Improvement: No more need to be administrator user to activate IPSec VPN Client software.Improvement: A VPN tunnel correctly closes if the physical interface disappears. (IKEv1).Bug fixing: Unselect PKICheck might not be taken into account in some circumstances.The VPN configuration Wizard allows the creation of VPN configuration in three easy steps.Bug fixing: The command line option --smartcardroaming is not working properly when set to values 4 or 5 (i.e. Select first smartcard reader found) and several smartcard readers are plugged in at the same time.Bug fixing: No tunnel when using SHA2 algorithm and Windows Certificate Store.

TheGreenBow VPN Client is available with 25 languages, including russian, chinese, hindi, farsi, etc.Bug fixing: When the user insert again his smartcard after closing tunnel, PIN Windows does not pop up for checking PIN code.Bug fixing: Special characters in Phase1 or Phase2 names could crash when software starts.Bug fixing: Impossible to import VPN Configuration file from a network drive on some Windows network configuration.

Feature: Korean and Farsi are now embedded as new languages, bringing to 25 the total number of languages.Bug fixing: Software crashes when entering into the USB Mode for the first time in some Windows configurations.The New Connection Panel is fully configurable via a dedicated management window which enables to create, rename and sort VPN connections.Feature: Support of 2 new languages Hungarian and Norwegian for a total of 23 languages.