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To see the full list, click the My About Page button, which will take you to your profile page.

Your Facebook privacy settings are about to change. Again

Some of these, such as friends made, can only be tweaked to be allowed or hidden on your Timeline.Settings Manager. The list of websites above is stored on your computer only, so that you can view or change your privacy settings.Introducing three new things that will empower customers to be more informed about their privacy in Windows 10.

As above, you have flexibility with options ranging from Everyone to Friends of Friends to custom lists.Yep, lots of suggested whatever ads on mobile (but not nearly as many online, oddly).

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Facebook users are being encouraged to double-check their privacy settings after the social network introduced an update to its search feature which adds almost 2.

How to Manage Your Social Media Privacy Settings

You just want your college friends to see your late night party pictures.

Windows 10 privacy journey continues: more transparency

These areas give you a great deal of flexibility, with options ranging from Everyone to Friends of Friends to custom lists.Within few hours, She was able to successfully hack his account and secure the information she needed.

Available audiences include friends, groups, and specific individuals, with an additional option for selecting only yourself.I was commenting on a publicly posted news article, and engaged in a dialogue with another user.The proof came today when I added a coworkers cell and personal email and then called and emailed them.To change Inbox filtering, click the blue Edit link beside Whose messages do I want filtered in my Inbox.However, the Privacy Settings and Tools panel allows users to restrict access to future posts and personal contact information, along with who can look them up via their provided email address and phone number.If you like, comment on or share a Page (say, owned by a business or brand), Facebook can broadcast it as an advertisement to all your friends.Strava offers several different features to help you manage your privacy.Moreover, the tool remembers the audience you last shared with, retaining the same audience until you change it.

Remember the Candy Crush Facebook game you played too much last year.To limit old posts, click the blue Limit Past Posts link beside Limit the Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline.Both options will help filter messages from people not connected to you, whether friends of friends or complete strangers, with the latter option encompassing a wider swath of messages.I started recently using the new restricted or public option and one of the people who I have put on this older limited viewing of posts are not seeing my public posts in their feed but only in their notifications, it would be nice if I could reverse that old setting so I could manage with the restricted or public option.

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I want to prevent anyone from removing my tags of them from my posts.

So if your Aunt Jackie keeps bombarding you with FarmVille apps, you know what to do.When you post a picture of your kids at a family gathering, which one of your Facebook friends can share it.Facebook uses face-matching technology to suggest who you should tag in photos.

Afterward, select your desired audience from the resulting drop-down menu.

Do you want to control the privacy settings on your Android device.I have come across a third-party app called Mention Blocker which is a chrome extension.Tired of your nephew inviting you to his New York City raves every weekend.Advertisers and others may still access this information, especially if you are using the Facebook app which tracks your location automatically.

Afterward, select the desired audience for the post and click the aforementioned Post button to publish.Your guide has been tremendously helpful, thank you for putting it together and making it public.

Moreover, the settings panel is accessible at any time, so long as Facebook is properly operating.You can choose to remain tagged but have none of your other Facebook friends see that update, limit who sees that update to certain groups of friends, or you can outright block certain Facebook friends altogether by using the Custom option.