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The default configuration to use Tor provides out-of-the-box anonymity, to the extent that Tor provides it.

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Tor is set up by default, but Tails can also be configured to use the I2P anonymous network.Live CDs do not install anything on the host system and it leaves no documents or other traces behind when it is shut down.


Download the two appliances from the Whonix website here, and then import them one-by-one into VirtualBox.When you hover over any of these options, Whonix will display the changes that are needed in your torrc file to achieve that change.The first boot will display the Tails Greeter where you can optionally configure some options before the desktop loads.Qubes, Whonix, or Tails: which Linux distro should you use to stay anonymous.

The provided applications support anonymous BitTorrent, email, IRC and web browser.The Qubes team indicates that the window borders are unforgeable because they are constructed at the Xen domain zero (dom0) level, which is the privileged domain Xen starts at boot time, and it manages all the other domains, or qubes in this case.

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Whonix cons While the Whonix workstation is separated from the host computer, there is no further separation.No special knowledge or configuration is required to get to work.If you want nested chains of multiple VPNs, use pfSense VMs as VPN gateways.

The money wasted on these services is better donated to projects like Tor and Whonix where.A type 1 hypervisor has has no operating system running below it which can be compromised.This type of virtualization is analogous to what you may be picturing when using a product like VirtualBox with one important difference.

This architecture allows Qubes to create separate virtual machines ( domains, in Xen parlance) in which to run applications.If you need a SOCKS outproxy to do more with, then you should stick with Tor.Some competing products are Whonix and Qubes. Essentially they provide a VPN service through their worldwide servers.The workstation routes all of its traffic to the gateway, which uses the Tor network to access the internet.

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For you i have a suggestion you can use some vpn which will be helpful for.Xen is a very stable and mature bare-metal type 1 hypervisor.

The post combining Tor with a VPN or proxy can make you less anonymous appeared.

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You will need to configure an Outproxy in order to access regular internet sites while using I2P.

There are instructions here on how to create the necessary Qubes OS templates for Whonix.A Live CD is a bootable CD (or USB drive) that you stick into a computer before booting up.If your system has less than 2GB RAM, it may be painful to run two full-blown desktops, so you can opt to run the gateway headless.It creates a number of qubes in which to assign application instances.A very common phishing technique is to use a website to create a very realistic login box for some service and attempt to get people to enter their credentials.

And finally, an admonishment that this is the Whonix gateway and should not be used as the workstation.In this screenshot we can see red (untrusted), green (trusted) and yellow (somewhere in the middle) window borders.To use Tails with I2P instead of Tor, you will need to reboot.Let the first update complete and the workstation is ready to use: If you want to see your gateway in action, launch the Tor browser in the workstation, then launch the Tor Anonymizing Relay Monitor (ARM).The point being that each qube only has the potential to affect applications in the same qube.

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Whonix pros Using the VirtualBox technology ensures that the widest range of people can use Whonix.

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I think the underlying message here is that there are many ways in which you can betray your identify that have nothing to do with technical safeguards.

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The qubes are unable to interact with dom0 and qubes are unprivileged meaning they cannot access low level system functions themselves.Click the Import button to finalize it, and then click the Start button to launch the gateway virtual machine.