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I want to connect to the internet using the current DSL connection we.

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DSL modem are correctly on, and all of the lights on the router are as.If not, bring up a cmd window (DOS) and do a ping against the router IP.Before switching routers, find the option in the routers menus (almost all.

From here on - it depends on what the results are from your tests.The router is working fine and is providing internet access to a variety of devices.Connect GNS3 to Internet via Host Wi-Fi, Ethernet Adapter. If you connect GNS3 router to internet over wireless.

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I am not able to connect to the internet through Linksys Wireless Router. connection to my linksys router from my laptop but not able to connect to the internet.

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I get to step 8 in the configuration process, and the setup CD keeps asking me to enter my PW.I have a Westfall DSL modem - which actually worked the very first.

Computer connected to router but not internet. I could connect to the router, connect to the internet via ethernet.Connect to a Cisco Home router N and. set to bridged you will not be able to connect to the internet.I reset the router,. 7 Wireless Router Problems And How To Solve Them.Re: Only Internet Explorer will connect to the Internet (cross-post added to Vista Networking).

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I am not able to log into my router. is a different sort of issue than not being able to connect to the Internet. Scott Allen is the founder of ScottAllen.What kind of your modem that is connected to the wireless router.

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We have 2 Smart TVs, both connected via wired connections to the router.

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I came back a week ago to the same apartment and got my internet hooked up from my ISP, and my CPU and router and modem are all still connected the same exact way I had it before when they were working.Can Connect to Router but unable to connect to internet I have recently upgraded to Vista home premium.With Mediacom here in Georgia the router does not want to cooperate.Restart your modem and router sometimes is quite a good way to.

If you can connect to the network but not able to access the Internet. to connect your router and. on Linksys websites.

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If possible in DD-WRT, try to give the R6400 the same MAC address of the old router.I enter the default, and a few minutes later it asks for the same thing and hangs on this set up.Tech Support Guy is. not able to connect to internet through.

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Troubleshooting the ISP Connection. not be the router that cannot connect to the Internet but your ISP. the modem router is able to obtain an Internet IP.