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But I think that the vast majority of possible stars out there are not so extreme, so most things that do photosynthesis will be green.The fact is that the green visual band is very narrow, compared to red, yellow, blue, etc.I was under the impression our eyes did a very good job of correcting for chromatic aberration at least for small pupil diameters.This is generally because of a genetic mutation resulting in someone being a dichromat.But now imagine an alien whose eye was sensitive to cyan, yellow and magenta.

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The US government will not automatically allow green card holders who traveled to countries placed under a temporary travel ban back into the United States.Mining and processing the metals causes environmental damage that China, the biggest producer, is no longer willing to bear.And I believe the same would be true for any other G-class star viewed from space.Facts About the Savings of Fossil Fuel by Wind Turbines in the Netherlands.That is why so many photographs taken by amateurs are filled with nasty surprises.

That was a question bothering scientists for quite a long time.Borax is not a green cleaning ingredient, as many have been led to believe.Uwingu wants you to submit names for their planetary baby book.

All three types of receptors are sensitive to wide ranges of wavelengths, a couple hundred nanometers.The laws of physics and chemistry dictate what the level of energy required for this is.The colors emitted by stars together with how our eyes see those colors pretty much guarantees it.Wavelength and color have almost nothing to do with one another.

So our particular layout gives us the richest set of colors covering the spectrum, takes advantage of opponent processes (which are more general than color vision), while reducing chromatic aberration given our particular eye design (single convex focusing lens).To understand how wind, coal, and natural gas interact and what that interaction means for future natural gas use in electricity generation.Believe it or not with a little practice they do come rolling off the tongue.

I teach my physics students each year (incorrectly, I suppose) that since the sun produces more green-ish photons than any other wavelength, objects are illuminated mostly in green light.The difference in light intensity makes that an invalid comparison.The sensitivity-curves of the three kinds of cone have a surprising amount of overlap, and in particular there is no source of light that activates the green cones only.The blue receptor, for instance, cannot tell the different between a dim blue light and a bright green one.A very big part of the answer of this question has to do with our eyes (and brain), not with physics.The key is that the sun does not emit most of its photons in the greenish band.Because the sun is emitting so much, the threshold may be going at their max, hence the blend to white.For example, while some pure colors happen to correspond to particular wavelengths, but other pure colors cannot be produced by any light of a single wavelength.

Scientific American recently had an article about what colour plants would be, and why.I cover the physics, not the biology, which is indeed the problem.

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Personally, I sometimes see it as faintly greenish other times not.Everything discussed here so far barely scratches the surface.Additive ones, which apply to sources that emit light, add up to white.Due to the contrast to the red N star the A star really looks green to me (and to most of my fellow observers).Contrary to their stated goals, implementation of RPS in Colorado and Texas appear to be adding to the air pollution problem, especially in areas where older plants are cycled more frequently.One has a peak at 437 nm (in the blue part of the spectrum), one at 533 nm (in the green part) and the thrid at 564 nm (the red part).Green diarrhea is not necessarily a cause for alarm because the color could be caused by a food or a supplement.