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Before passing your smartphone on to a new owner, encrypt your data then do a Factory Reset.Deactivate your phone from. how to encrypt your Android device. After you.

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Edited by Coolsanjeev at 13-8-16 21:00 Google introduced full-device encryption back in Android Gingerbread (2.3.x), but it has undergone some dramatic changes since.Why And How To Use The Free ClamAV Linux Antivirus Software Package.While we wait for the courts or Congress to rule on Apple vs.

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If your hard drive fails without encryption it is much easier to recover the data than if it is encrypted.

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If somebody physically breaks into your house and steals your laptop can you afford for them to have full access to the files on the hard drive.Scroll through your device. Go on. Take a look at your contacts, your emails, your instant messenger apps, your videos, and texts.Are you the kind of person who logs into their email and gets the browser to save the password.

Lots of people have put a phone lock of some kind onto their mobile phone either in the form of a passcode or pattern.However what happens if the person who stole your phone simply removes the sim card and places it into another handset.And from that data, scammers can make surprisingly accurate guesses at your other passwords, similar to how Digital Shadow infers private details.Much has been said about encrypting your computer and the importance of it, but what about your smartphone.

If you have an iPhone 3GS or later, an iPod touch 3rd generation or later, or any iPad, you can protect the contents of your device using encryption.Before making the decision of encrypting your tablet, you should think whether you think any of the data on it would cause you problems if it were to fall into the.Very simply, encryption is a way of scrambling your data so only authorized people, with the correct decryption key (i.e. PIN, password, or pattern.Your camera roll and videos feel a lot more personal than even your Facebook.Sextortion is an abhorrent, prevalent blackmailing technique targeting young and old, and is now even more intimidating thanks to social networks like Facebook.For an added layer of privacy, you could also download apps that hide your photos.

But it’s a bit more to it than that.If your device runs on iOS or Android, check out how to encrypt it.

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Facebook Privacy: 25 Things The Social Network Knows About You.If you are a Windows user, create a live Linux USB drive and boot into it.