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With this Chrome extension you get a button especially for opening Facebook Messenger.Regardless of where you live, the permissions that are being requested are the same.What a stupid app ever Running very very slow fix it now Facebook and messenger too slow. Permissions.This wikiHow teaches you how to give Facebook Messenger access to your photos so you can save images from.Each permission has its own set of requirements and suggested use cases.

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The answer to this question partially answers the concerns raised over why Facebook Messenger needs the permissions that it does.

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However, the Messenger app does not currently record audio outside of times when you explicitly.If this many people have not checked the permission groups that apply to Facebook.Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook app that lets you have text conversations with all of your friends on the popular social network.

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If you are one of them, you may soon find yourself in a very awkward state.

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Most of the permissions that Facebook Messenger asks for make sense, because Messenger does quite a lot of things.Reader comments Facebook Messenger permissions: Not as scary as the stories might have you believe.

Download official Facebook brand assets, logos, trademarks and brand guidelines on the Facebook Brand Resource Center.In some cases, contributors are sources or experts quoted in a story.

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Now, if that app were a replacement launcher that combined contacts and communications with app launching, perhaps those permissions are justified.

To the untrained eye, that does seem like a grocery list of items sure to invade your privacy.Lately, there has been quite a bit of talk about how Facebook Messenger for Android has an abundance of permissions, permissions that may seem out of the spectrum of.Find out all about it here.

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Now that folks have freaked the eff out over the permissions declared in the Facebook Messenger app.Concerns over privacy began swirling last week following media reports detailing what the Facebook Messenger app is capable of doing on Android devices.

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If you use Facebook to communicate with your contacts, you soon may have.Do the permissions the app is asking for seem appropriate for the type of app.

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The Facebook Messenger app is. users must agree to all permissions before using Messenger.

I talk about how your information is used by FB and others and I talk about what the permissions.Many Facebook users were already cranky about Messenger, the new mobile chat app that Facebook began pushing last week.

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If you install the Messenger app on your Android, your phone or tablet should let you know that the app is asking for your permission to access.At that point you have the opportunity to use your own best judgement and decide if that particular app should have access to those particular permissions.When he ran the app it failed, telling him it could not access his camera.