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It really just requires you to use certain iTunes services from the.If you put your phone number in and get a text with a number you have to enter that is generally enough for all other companies.The active iTunes Store account on your Apple TV must match the iTunes Store account for the content you purchased.

How To Get The US Version of iTunes In. the US iTunes account compared to the Canadian iTunes account.And this technology was suppose to improve our lives, instead its made it a whole lot more complicated.Use these troubleshooting steps to determine why your Apple TV is requesting it.

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They should get sued to demanding and then selling your data even for people (like me) have zero intention of ever purchasing anything on their pathetic app store.It IS possible tocreate an Apple ID account without a credit. click the Verify Now link.Log into your account. your username. your password. Dealmaxx Apple Watch Giveaway.Does your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch keep getting a pop-up message asking you to enter the password for your Apple ID.

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When I try to use the security questions to authenticate my account I get the message that I got my birth date wrong.

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Learn how you can create or use your Apple ID in the iTunes Store without. method with your account.From the Device list in iTunes on your computer, right-click (control click) on Apple TV.

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The account is supposed with all my credit card info so it is so insecure.I can opt out on this technology bandwagon but then i will be almost limited to nada in day to day life because almost everything is now depended on technology.Can you just delete the primary email address attached to the apple id or would that be to simple.If you want to change your email address, you can do so (see number 3 and four above).

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IOS 7 is just a torch that makes my phone look like a fisher price toy.If you think you are having problems with your iTunes Store account, call Apple at: 1.800.MY.APPLE for assistance.Billing FAQs: iTunes. up for a new account or rejoining through the Netflix app on your Apple TV,. also check with iTunes to see if Netflix is a part of your.Problem was when I initially set up my account at the store the clerk entered the wrong email address.

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FFS my all was working fine until this morning when i got a txt msg which i normally use messages for and i was automatically signed out.

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I didnt receive the verification in my yahoo mail please help me sir.Check your spam, junk or bulk mail folders to see if the verification email is there.AGAIN Apple fix this long standing screw up made or you will lose customers like me.

Learn how to create your Apple ID, how to manage your account and.

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With an Apple ID, you buy apps, log in to your iCloud account or access Apple support and view your product information (along with many other things).Refresh your email and see if the verification email comes through.Occasionally users of the Apple TV may experience an issue where they are unable to play their iTunes Store purchases because the Apple TV continuously requests authorization from the iTunes Store.

Change or remove your Apple ID. on your credit card to verify your updated account. or at the top of the iTunes window, choose Account.

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I have been having the same problem as most people here, seems there some kind of problem with gmail, I had to go through this endless loop and spent over 4 hours on this ridiculous problem.

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To download any of the contents, an iTunes account (and Apple ID) has.

This is driving me crazy and apple support by phone is zero help.

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Having an Apple ID is a must if you are using an Apple product.If you do not have an Apple ID, creating an Apple ID is easy by visiting My Apple ID web site.Though of course I got an email promptly after they hung up, confirming that a call back appointment had been set up.

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Like so many others, I spent all day on line myself and at least an hour and a half on the tech support phone line trying to get into my apple account.I tried several times and did not receive my verification email.Utterly disrespectful of apple to send users on endless loop with rejected security question answers, DOB not accepted, session timed out, blah blah blah.

This problem started for me when I changed my Apple ID e-mail address.

So something as simple as logging back in OR changing my password has now consumed most of my morning and ruined my day.Whatsapp not open verification problem please slove my problem.When i tried to go to manage the account, and get the verification email.